YouCanJet Charter Tip: How To Charter a Private Jet

Stumbled upon an insightful article with guidance on how to charter a private jet that includes: asking questions and for photos, shopping around, and getting assistance on how to pack light.

Click to read Caroline Callahan’s article on “How to Charter a Private Plane.”

Found the article particularly interesting, because everything the author recommends to charter a private jet is accessible from within the YouCanJet application. Here’s how:

Understand your options.

After creating a YouCanJet trip, participating jet operators will submit quotes for their most preferable jet matching your flight requirements. If you are not familiar with the differences in jet type, that’s okay! YouCanJet has many resources available to assist you in making an informed decision on which jet to book. First option is to contact a YouCanJet representative who are available 24/7 via email, phone, and chat to assist with any questions and/or coordinate additional accommodations for your flight.

Second, you can reference the YouCanJet Type Guide to learn more about the differences in private jet types. The guide includes a brief description of each jet type in addition to approximate hourly rates, flight range, and passenger capacity. For specific questions about aircraft, it’s recommended you chat with a YouCanJet representative.

Third, follow the YouCanJet Blog to stay updated on private jet charter news, travel tips, and jet charter advice.

Ask questions and for photos.

The article (linked above) does a fantastic job of outlining the many questions you should ask prior to booking a jet. When your receive quotes from YouCanJet, each quote will include the following information: name of the jet operator, photos of the aircraft, and specific details about the flight and in-flight accommodations.

All participating YouCanJet operators are heavily vetted to ensure they are in good standing with the FAA by regularly maintaining a Part 135 certificate and are certified by the most reputable safety ratings. Quickly chat with a YouCanJet representative to inquire more about each participating operator and the differences between jets you’ve been quoted for your trip.

Shop around.

Instead of spending time browsing various websites and contacting charter operators/brokers, YouCanJet makes it convenient to shop locally in one place to find the best charter price and safest jet for your trip.

Often times there are subjective fees factored into the total charter price that operators may be willing to forgo to compete for your charter. Create a YouCanJet trip today and let operators compete in quoting the best price for your trip.

Pack light.

Weight is an important factor when flying private; though, weight limits vary by jet type. Rather than having to cut down on the amount of luggage you pack for your trip, YouCanJet offers accommodations to help you travel lite.

For example, you can save yourself the hassle of carrying your golf clubs and free up space on the jet by shipping your clubs. YouCanJet is an affiliate partner of Ship Sticks, in which, you can ship your golf clubs at a discounted rate to the clubhouse or your place of stay after you have successfully booked a jet. This is one of many features YouCanJet offers to ensure each trip is fully accommodated for a preferable and custom jet experience.

Please visit us at to see how convenient it is to charter a private jet online through YouCanJet.

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